Juice & Cardio Tennis Detox w/Marcy

$102.00 $165.00

Fresh From The Farm Juices is so excited to partner again with Marcy and Cardio Tennis to offer a customized ‘Juice & Cardio Tennis Detox’.  It is the perfect way to create harmony from within while glowing on the outside.

The program works in 2 simple ways:

  • Juice Cleanse for 2, 3, 4, or 6 days (alternate day options also available)
  • Break Your Cleanse Meal (all organic, vegan) plus cleanse-breaking juices

You can also choose to omit the meal by selecting from the drop-down menu accordingly.  The price will be adjusted based on your selection.

Juice Cleanse: Our cleanses are nutrient and vitamin-rich, as more than 3-4 pounds of organic produce goes into each bottle.  Each day, 6 organic juices and 2 freshly pressed shots aim to purify and invigorate the body naturally.


2-Day: $102, w/Meal ($118)

3-Day: $154, w/Meal ($170)

4-Day: $202, w/Meal ($218)

6-Day: $302, w/Meal ($318)

Specifically here's what each cleanser will get:

- 6 juices per day (12 total for both days)

- Morning shots (ginger and immunity)

- Afternoon shots (turmeric and wheatgrass)

- Breaking The Cleanse Juices (black & yellow, fortified orange)

- Buddha Bowl Meal (healthy gluten-free grain bowl meal)

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