Our Story

I have vivid memories of my childhood and waking up to mom asking my brother and I what we would like to have for breakfast.

The unique thing about our experience however, was when it came to juice, it wouldn’t be out of a can, box, concentrate, or frozen. It was always fresh.

The juice would literally be made with only fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of them local, and always organic. She used 2 juicers to make these out of, one electrical cold-pressed, one manually cold-pressed. Every day, including school days, we would drink and enjoy a variety of freshly squeezed juices (sometimes several times a day). 

My father was also very keen on us having the freshest produce for our juices, and would plant what he could in our not so spacious garden. We would enjoy seasonal varieties of fresh juice with much of the produce picked right from our backyard. Some of the produce we grew in our garden, which I now also use, included spinach, kale, beet, peppers, carrot, herbs (cilantro and parsley were a must).

The notion of juice not freshly squeezed was a completely foreign concept to us. We actually thought what we were doing was completely normal.

And in this way, with forever gratitude to my loving family, I humbly try to carry this tradition of fresh juicing for others to enjoy. Every bottle of juice we make is cold-pressed, made with as many fresh and local ingredients as possible, and 100% organic

And this is what inspired me to name my company Fresh From The Farm Juices. As it not only invokes these happy childhood memories, but provides the true essence of what we do.

Fresh From the Farm Juices